Friday, December 2, 2011

Products I can't live with out,Vol.1.

The Thomson seatpost.

Elegant.Understated.And flat out the single best piece of cycling product,ever.Your choice of every diameter in the cycling industry,straight ot layback,and black or silver.Machined out of one piece of aluminum right here in the good ol' USA.All for right around $100.

I couldn't even count how many of these beauties i've owned.Building up a new bike?It's always a must,Thomson seatpost in the QBP cart,please.In all of those posts i've never once had an issue.Never stripped a bolt,no creaks,and never slipped.The things just work.I'm throughly convinced when the nueclear destruction of Earth happens there'll be cockroaches and Thomson posts left.Gleaming brightly in their little grey bags.

Thomson posts,to me,are the start and finish to every fresh build.Grease down the seat tube,Thomson in,clamp frame in the stand,start build.Finish build,pull bike down,adjust seat angle and height,go do skids.It will more then likely be that way 'till the end of eternity,too.

So,here's wishing that LH Thomson Co. decides to never stop their little side project.

THE one and only,Thomson Elite.

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