Tuesday, November 29, 2011

All Day

Those dudes you could watch shred it all day long, almost so long you forget to ride. I thought of this today while i was watching this video of Brendan Howey. This kid kills it like the place is his home trail.

Off The Radar - Brendan Howey from Mike Zinger on Vimeo.

This got me thinking about other people i could watch ride forever and the list quickly exploded, i wish i could build the ultimate playlist of these masters of steez and radness. Turns out thatd take forever so you can figure it out yourself. While my mind was wondering though this video popped into my head

www.lonewolfproductions.ca - Whipping with Brendan Fairclough from Matt Brooks on Vimeo.

and then i started thinking about all the local kids who kill it every time you go out to ride, and then i got stoked to ride. So point is when people kill it on their bikes, you want to kill it too. So go out and shred with the buddies, its whats its all about. And get pumped.

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