Saturday, December 10, 2011


I love wide bars.I really truly do,but it has to stop somewhere.I feel like this set of bars blew past the stop sign and had a head on with a bus full of children.915mm,for all us 'Merican, is an ass hair over 36''.That shit is just absurd.First off,who the fuck has a wingspan that requires anything near that?Also,how much stress is that putting on your stem,that's a whole lot of leverage for the average stem whose face plate width is maybe 2'' wide.And lastly I don't care what kind of butting you use,what kind of fancy version of aluminum you use,or what kind of heat treatment you use those fuckers are gonna be flexy.Really flexy.

All I know is I expect to see lots of brand new Demo frames,shiny D3 helmets,and these bars being piloted around by some 13 year olds.So just quit it Superstar.Let Renthal continue to make the best bars money can buy while you try to throw a yardstick of bars at me.

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