Sunday, December 4, 2011


There's always that bike.That one bike I don't quite get.The same question runs through my head everytime..."Does that really need to exist?"Apparently it does for some unknown reason.

You know the bikes i'm talking about,the bastard child of a DH bike and trail bike.7-8'' of travel,room for a front derailer,full length seat tubes.They're always set up the same,too.Long travel,large stanction single crowns,a heavy ass set of wheels,full Sram drivechain and brake set up,and god forbid the repuslive Hammerschimdt.The pilot of said machine is of a similar type as well,middle aged,visor down,sunglasses in place of goggles,and a set of hardshell knee/shin guards.

Maybe it's just me,but where in the fuck do you need such a bike?You mean to tell me the only way up to your DH trail is by pedaling?I call bullshit.There's an access road somewhere,or you need to build trails that are shuttleable.Or is it that your XC loop is that gnarly?If it is,and there's no way it is,you need to get yourself on a slack 6'' with some strong wheels.Really...where do these places exist?

I guess I just don't understand them.But come on...even on paper you have to be able to see they suck.66 headangle with a barely sub 15'' BB all paried with a short top tube and portly weight.They suck going up and they suck comming down.Hey,whatever floats your boat.That is,if your boat is set aloft by an awkward conglomeration of shit.

The ringleader of this band of shit,the Santa Cruz Driver 8.

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