Friday, December 9, 2011

"Secret" Training Center

So our "local" (hour drive) downhill trails that we have been building on for quite a while thanks to Taylor for showing us, have become like a drunk girl at a frat house. The trail is ridden by shuttle groups of goons who dont do a single lift of a shovel and trail clearing. So we went up to do some runs and of course we took shovels to do a fix it lap so we could ride the trail in its some what glorious conditions. I took my friends gopro and made this little edit.

loc'd out on

So i wouldnt be mad about people riding a trail that weve built and maintained for all this time if they would just help some out and keep the trail we all love running and prime. Search the name of this place and youd find a grip of crappy edits on youtube. If everyone loves it like we do, why are we the only ones that care.

Oh well, shred it till it dies right?

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