Tuesday, December 27, 2011

All that is wrong.


Stop.Just fucking stop.
I don't know who or what Eden Bicycles is but I hate them.I mean look at this clusterfuck they call a "engineering exercise".They start with a bike that I see wayyyyy too many of out on the trails,all piloted by the same I think i'm fast as fuck captain 29'er.Then they "retrofitted"(editors note:this is what i'm goning to start telling customers..."yeah,yeah I can retrofit that rear derailer by Wensday") an XTR XC group on there,but subbed out the derailers and shifters for Di2 shit.They also "custom cut" a new pulley cage for the rear derailer,which in the close up picture looks like my Dad drunkenly sketched onto a piece of sheet alumnium and cut it out with a dull skill saw.

To me,this bike sums up everything I hate about bikes I hate.29'ers suck and are crutches for people who don't have the want nor skill to learn how to properly ride a bike.They're for roadies who dabble in the dirt/roadie converts,too.Di2 is cool.Far better than the unreleased Campy EPS simply on principal.But it can stay on road bikes for all I care.Waterproof connections?I'll believe it when they get a season of mud,sand,rockstrikes,and water all mixed into one and that shit still works.Also,what the fucks wrong with XT Dyna-sys?It's ever smooth and consistant even when coated in shit shifting is too sub-par for you?You hate 2 way Rapid fire shifters that have been the norm for the last 15 years and enjoy 2 tiny,really close together buttons?

Just leave bikes the way they're ment to be,Eden.8'' of travel,coil sprung,chain guide,big bars,and gnarly powerful brakes.Then we'll be alright.

How a bike should be.Mmmmm.

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