Saturday, December 10, 2011

Products I can't live without,Vol 2.

Point One podium pedals.Ahhhh yes,the ultimate flat pedal.

I was riding a set of O.G. Straitline pedals that I was pretty content with when I first saw them.I didn't think anyone could improve on a set of flats,over what Straitline had done,but was I ever wrong.I took the somewhat expensive dive into a set of these bad larrys and was super stoked when they arrived on my doorstep.The thinness,the weight,the size,and my favorite part,the stiff bearings all made me forget about those chunky Canadian foot rests.

This was over 2 seasons ago.A couple of chewed up pins and some scrapes here and there are all that have happened to these wonder pedals.The bearings still spin stiffly and they still look quite new seeing as they're one of the main things on a downhill bike that actually strikes the ground from time to time.They're going into their third season in the next few months.Untouched.I'm pretty much 100% positive they won't let me down this season either.

Long live the Podium pedal!

My 5.10 resting place of choice.The Podiums.

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