Friday, August 31, 2012


Here's a selection of some good shit from World Champs.
All stolen from Pink Bike.
Click the pics for some un-interesting words from your author...

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Threat Level:RED!

Whoever came up with that idea is TEAM DUMPED!'s #1 enemy.

Way back machine.

Leave it to X-Fusion to fire up their bongs and time machine...

These sucked the first time around...

How does adding an extra 2 inches of travel help?
Fucked if I know...

Thursday, August 23, 2012


This fucking thing...
I'm gonna start off by saying I do not follow slopestyle at all.Not one bit.So it caught me off guard when the big red "S" threw this thing out to the market.What was and added blow to my already un-stable view of this bike was the fact that to slot the "P.Slope" into the line up Specialized axed the melty,bendy goodness of the SX.Not the stupid,7'' travel do-it-all-by-doing-nothing-good SX trail.The 4'' travel,shred-berms-to-pieces SX.I know 4x and Slalom are dead but come on.I can say without a doubt that Specialized will see less of these than they did the SX.Mark.My.Words.


Yeah,I know."It's a fucking seatclamp." is what you are all saying.
I've got a weird thing for Phil stuff.As I type this no less than 3 feet away is a stainless steel Phil outboard BB.It weighs roughly 6 times as much as the standard Shimano outboard BB,cost me about 3 times as much as a Shimano BB,and only stayed in my bike for like 6 months.I love the thing,though.Which is why after 2 years of sitting on my desk acting as a paper weight for all my un-opened mail I still can't get rid of it.I don't know how i'm gonna get one of these things,but I do know that it will be holding my Thomson up on my next bike build.