Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Import Impossible.

So,there's a little thing in this "industry" that always kinda bums me out.This little thing would the lack of being able to get cool shit from places outside the good ol' US of A.

I love the bikes that the UK produces.I mean really,who hasn't wanted to own an Orange 2Twenty-whatever at somepoint in their life.I'd do some favors and drop some coin if I could get my hands on a Five.66 headangle,low ass BB,and a long top tube.Yes please!Not to mention the ever boner-inducing Lapierre DH 920 from a couple of years back.Fuck me,I would have given some parts of my man hood for that thing.Let's not even dive into all the little brands from across the pond that i'd very much enjoy throwing a leg over.Cube,Labyrinth,Curtis,Last and Sacren among many,many others.Then there's all the other cool little shit I can't get my grubby mitts on.The supposed warm butter silkiness of Bos suspension,those awesome crown/stem combos from Chunked,and the cheap yet rad stuff from Superstar.All of these products plus a million more out of my reach,all due to patent infringments,dodgy distribution over here and a big ass lake inbetween 2 masses of land.

What really bums me out is it seems as though all the other contries in the world have little to no trouble getting stuff from us.Intense,Santa Cruz and Turner frames are no big deal.Point One pedals and stems,fuck yeah no problem.WTB tires and seats,have that shit to you in a jiff.Sure,they have to pay quite a bit more then us Yankees but man...absolutely no way to get their good shit,but all they have to do is phone up the local distro and they can have every amazing piece of two wheeled machinery we produce.

I guess it's all relative though...have fun waiting for the box link on your M9 Europe,I can have mine by the weekend.


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