Saturday, December 24, 2011

Pick me!..part 2.

So here's the second take on Pinkbike's top picks.This time around we're gonna take a look at the list of ex-MBA editor and all around general mountain bike doofer,Richard Cunningham.
He starts his list off with saying the "best new idea" is Shimano's little plus switch on XTR derailers.Well,fuckin-a we can both agree on something I guess.I'm gonna skip over the "someone finally got it right" award because i've never ridden SPD pedals before because I started clipping in on the best,Crank Brothers,and have never needed to try the second best.I'll also be leaving the "simple is better" category alone because Commencal's ride like a dream and I don't need anyone to tell me why.Then we stumple upon the "favorite trail/AM tire" which,drumroll please,is the...wait,what the fuck?The Schwalbe Hans Dampf.I mean honestly look at that piece of shit.Square center knobs and HUGE gaps between every knob.You're gonna tell me that that rolls fast and hooks up,because i'm calling 100% horseshit on that.Every Schwalbe tire i've ridden has been either this,a fucking ice skate or a damn diesel locomotive.Underbuilt with a weird tread pattern,or overbuilt,heavy,and slow.Hey,RC do yourself a favor and go grab a Weirwolf 2.3,Wolverine 2.2,or a Mutano 2.4 then report back to me and tell me what you think of your Hans Dampf.I don't even understand the "we get it" award.Seems like another stroke added on Sram's dick."Comeback kids",Marzocchi.Hell yeah.My 04' 888 kicked ass and the 2011 888 kicks ass.Long live 437 gallons of fork oil inside of your stanctions."An argument against flats"...yeah,Danny Hart is pure fucking loose cannon talent but roughly 4 years ago Sam Hill put in more time on the rest of the field on the same course(granted far better weather conditions) on flats.Then came back in the finals,in the same weather conditions Hart had,ate shit then made up loads of time and finished second while everyone else was O.T.A.All on flats.Flats rule and always will.Ask Cully,Hill,Fairclough,and the flats master himself,Kovarik.Magura as the "favorite technical trail brake"?Ever heard of new generation XT?Or Saint?Theeeerrreee we go.There's some fucking brakes for you.Not some German shit boxes that run on proprietary fluid.

Once again,you're saying "You just hate too much,have an open mind."Well,here's my list...then look at back at RC's list and tell his isn't shit.

-Best new idea-RC nailed it,the Plus switch.Can't wait for Saint+.
-Someone finally got it right-Gravity Dropper.They've had it right for like 10 years,too.
-Simple is better-Yep,Commencal.Shows what a single pivot and a little bit of linkage can do.
-Favorite trail/AM tire-Anything WTB.Prove me wrong.
-We get it-I still have no idea what this award is for.
-Comeback kids-Trek.Remember the Liquid?Now look at the Remedy and Slash.Comeback indeed.
-An argument against flats-Fight Kovarik...I dare you.
-Comeback kid 2-Still Trek.The Diesel DH and the Session 10 to carbon wonder bike Session 9.9.
-Favortie technical trail brake-Shimano,Shimano,Shimano.
-Bucket list-Any dual slalom race ever.

The Diesel.Ouch,my eyes.

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