Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Why I hate Cyclocross.

I like bikes.All kinds of bikes.While I talk shit on most kinds of bikes that aren't 26'' wheeled,designed for slalom,or have 6 to 8'' of travel,it's all in good fun.But there is one type of bicycle that I truly have disdain for,the cyclocross bike.Every time I see one of these confused bastards I feel sorry for the cycling "industry".It's like Europe brought us the black plauge over again.

35 to 38c knobby tires,drop bars,road drivechain,32 hole wheels and worst of all,occasionally disc brakes.They just serve absolutely no purpose in my mind.Then there's the riders of these contraptions.They usually can't hold it together on a mountain bike,and also feel like they accel at riding road.So it's the perfect world for them.Redline yourself for 30 minutes all the while just riding along a relatively non-complex piece of double track and constantly getting on and off your bike to walk over those things horses jump over in competitions.I think that's one of the reasons I don't like this genre of riding.The one thing I hate doing while i'm out on a ride is having to fully dismount my bike,climb over or up something,then remount said bicycle.Really interrupts that noiseless fun zone you get into on a bike.Last but not least,the racing itself."Yeah,punk rock chaos!Woooooo!"That's what I feel like every fan of cyclocross has going through their heads while they're at a race.Lets hand out shitty beer and candy on every lap,that makes our sport stand out more!Yet these are the same poeple that get offended when I boo Brian Lopes and blast Cat 3's with my air horn at Sea Otter.It's all bike racing,just because it's "supposed" to be rowdy doesn't mean that's the only place you can be.

I dunno.
I guess I just don't get it.Probably never will.
You have fun ice skating around on your 38c Ritchey tires,i'll be grining my dick off as i'm fully hooked up on my 2.4 WTB's.

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