Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Triple 5.

I was pleased to awake this morning to this http://www.pinkbike.com/news/Palmer-The-Miserable-Champion-Movie-Trailer-2012.html .

Now,I don't give a shit how you feel about Palmer.He's always been somebody i've looked up to.I remember being a kid and seeing his pictures in the magazines.A few still stick to my memory to this day.One of which,in my mind,sums up why I love riding mountain bikes.I don't remember the exact year or the exact race,but there in the pages was a picture of Palmer during practice in jeans,a t-shirt,and black Vans half-cabs going full-tilt boogie down the course.On the side of one leg of his jeans "Specialized" was written in sharpie.I just remember thinking how badass that was.Looking at all the Euro gooners in their skin suits,and then there's Palmer blowing their doors off wearing jeans.The other one that's burned into my brain is a picture of Palmer in a slalom race with the number 32 plate on.The caption said something of this sort "Last place qualifer,podium finisher".So fucking rad.Barely squeaks into the big show and then puts the screws to everyone else.

Needless to say,I was psyched beyond all belief when I heard the Palm was going to be making a comeback in 2009.He decided he was going to get into the Olympics and to do that he was planning on using DH racing to cross train.After not riding a DH bike for nearly 10 years he made his comeback,and i'm sure pissed a few people off.He qulified for a World Cup round,and took up a spot in the finals that some young hopeful thought he was fast enough to get.Nope...you were beaten by a 40 year old who hasn't raced in 10 years.He raced National Champs,not in the Vet class like he could of,but in the pro class and took home a top 20 finish.Palmer's a mystery man to me.He just has that thing in him where he accels at whatever he tries.Wether it be snowboarding,skiing,mountain bikes or motocross he'll race it and he'll probably do fucking good too.I don't really know why Palmer is a rolemodel to me.Maybe the punk rock attitude,maybe because he has that "be good at everything" power,maybe it was the moto kits and flat pedals when everyone else was skin suits and Sidi's.I don't know.All I do know is that reguardless of anything,he'll always be a dude I look up to.

Palmer.On my local mountain.On a rock i've dropped 1,000 times.Making it look better then anyone else.

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