Friday, January 27, 2012

Goldie Locks.
Oh fuck me.
I guess it's pretty offical now.650b is comming.The so called "middle child" of wheel sizes.It blows my fucking mind that i'm even talking about a "middle" wheel size.If you got a time machine,went back to whenever Fisher and his homeboys were pitchin' drifts on beach cruisers down Mt. Tam and told him that eventually there would be 3 wheel sizes in the sport he invented,he'd probably tell you you're an idiot.And that would be comming from the future Mr.29'' himself.

Now,the last thing I want to deal with is more people shoving why this wheel size blows mine out of the water down my neck.I don't wanna hear how this bike is still flickable(whatever the fuck that means),but can still roll over stuff and keep the speed up.I don't wanna hear about the lugged steel frame you just had -INSERT NICHE HANDMADE FRAME BUILDER-custom build for you.I don't wanna figure out spoke length for your King to 650b wheel set,nor do I wanna lace them.I don't wanna order you a pair of 650b Schwalbe Nobby Nic's,and I absolutely don't wanna hear you elaborate why said custom built,single speed,lugged steel frame rides so smooth and how your 650b wheels are sooooo stiff through the corners.Your average speed is 6,and your top speed is 14 on your weekly XC route.I don't value your opinion,now let me by when i'm stuck behind you on the fun part of said XC route.

All I know is I expect to see these all over my local trails within the next year.I also expect the usual that comes with a new wheel size.The arguments of wheel sizes,the "this is the future" people,and a new size of the Kenda Nevegal.I can only hope and pray that the "industry" won't try and talk this wheel size up for DH use.It's not gonna happen.26'' will always be the wheel size of my bike of choice.Don't try and tell me why it's better,because I won't believe your wild claims,guy with visor down and hardsheel elbow/forearm guards on.Oh,and before you steal it "industry",i'm trademarking the company name "Twentysevenpointfiver" bikes.

P.S.-If you look nice and close at that screen grab from Rock Shox it says the axle size of that fork is 15x110 and that it can accept up to a 215mm rotor.New standards?I fucking hope not.

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