Wednesday, January 11, 2012

World Wide News,Vol.2

More news from the interwebz of bicycling...
Oh,great.More people paying Lopes money.I once read somewhere that Lopes will continue to take steps down the ladder of shittyness in terms of sponsors.I guess they were right.Leaving good ol' Zoke for the stoned middle agers out of Santa Cruz.Maybe now each X-fusion fork will ship with a pair of Oakley Jawbones and a shirt for you to always have off after a race.
I'm just bummed on this one.Hopkins is one of my favorites,so is Knolly.Not psyched to see those two part ways.Once again,paycheck prevails.,443
The Atherton's left Commencal for GT,and per usual in the world of MTB,due to a better paycheck.Maybe they can make the Fury ride and look as good as the Supreme v3?Cause it's one ugly fucker right now.What's with Beaumont being the 4th wheel?Had a year left on his contract so they said "fuck it,keep him on."?Dan's racing enduro stuff only?Sad to see one of the most talanted riders in the world say goodbye to big bikes.Also,I can't be the only one that thinks Rachel=lanky hotness.,276
Brendawg's Scott.According to that article,that isn't gonna be his World Cup steed.Pretty weird to see that fellow on basically the complete opposite of every other bike he's ridden.Must be quite the learning curve with all that new 'spension,too.Also,check the last years helmet...Monster and Funn stickers.LOLZ.
Magura possibly making a hydro caliper brake for road bikes?The last things I feel like doing on a Wednesday at 5:26pm are this-bleeding your hydro calipers with specific purple mineral oil,and warranting the fork on your Super Six Evo because it got ripped from the mounting hole and took your steertube with it because you have hams for fists.No thanks Magura.
Fuck this thing.600mm bars?Lame.Why don't you lose some weight and make it single ring up front,too?You have a girly-sized double anyway.What,is 14 pounds too hard to push with a 36 tooth chainring?

Pretty much sums it up.

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  1. tay-rob. if you rip off team robot again, you're dead to me.