Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Products I can't live without,Vol.3.

Chain guides.
The slient solution for your double or,god forbid,triple ring set-up.I don't really care if you think you still need more than one chainring up front or not.Truth is,you don't.I'm lazy,have the shittiest diet ever,and ride maybe 3 times a week if i'm lucky and I am,and have been running a 1x10 set up on my pedaly bike for close to 2 years now."But what if I climb alot?",you ask me?Take about $60 out of your bank account,invest in 2 chainrings,then take 10 minutes out of your day and switch them if you plan on climbing or doing a long ride.It's really that simple.Now,when you go single ring you're clearly going to need some sort of chain retention.There's plenty of options out there now-a-days.Paul has their seat tube mounted joke of a "chainguide",MRP and e13 both have seat tube,front derailer,and BB mounted half guides,and Gamut,MRP,Sram,and a couple of others have traditional full guides,bottom roller and all.But there's always one specific brand,with one specific guide that's always my go-to.The e13 Lg1.She arrived in the mid 2000's under a bit of hate from certain frame companies.They said impacts on the "Taco" would put the ISCG tabs on their frames under too much stress.Also,she was somewhat more difficult to set up then your standard issue of old,the MRP System 2,and took a bit more time and effort to take apart in the case you needed to get to your BB or chain ring.But alas,the Lg1 was here to stay.Mainly due to the looks and weight,not to mention performance.A few years after the original a redesign took place.They made it easier to install,easier to access your BB area,and surprisingly enough made it even lighter.At that moment they created,what I believe to be,the ultimate chain guide.I've had roughly 8 of these ingenius little devices scattered across my bikes of the past 4 years or so.Currently every bike I own is outfitted with one.My hardtail still has the first gen. still bolted to it because the thing just works.Packed with mud,ran bone dry cause I lost my bottle of lube,or cross chained up a climb for 40 minutes straight.It just fucking works.

So may you live a long life,Lg1.I'm looking forward to many more years of race runs being finished,rides not having to be stopped,and my bikes running silent and clean.

The e13 Lg1+.Keeps your shit legit.

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