Friday, January 13, 2012

Across the pond.

Apparently the London Bike Show is happening currently.I had no idea.Luckily Pinkbike did.
Hey Pivot,i'm gonna be honest.That new 5.7 carbon looks like shit.With all the beautiful curvy shapes carbon can be formed into that's what you come up with?What in the fuck is happening down there by the bottom bracket,that whole area where it connects to the linkage is fucking awkward.Also nothing pisses me off more then flat top tubes.Nothing.I hate that that seems to be the going trend in carbon mountain bikes currently.Keep that shit round so I don't sever some sort of testicular nerve.Also,having a bike with that much travel and have it showing no signs of dropper post cable routing or chain guide tabs is foolish.I will give you this,Pivot.If that Point has up-to-date 4x geometry and not skatepark MTB street gnar geometry you have created my dream hardtail and I will purchase one.Steel frame forgiveness+ideal gemoetry=boner.

Rose bicycles,the little I know about you is enough for me to tell you that you should abort that DH bike and start over again.Why is it it's 2012 and companies are still producing so-called "downhill" bikes that have that high of a standover,with the shock placed that high in the frame,and a backend that looks,and I can guarantee is,that flexy?How about this Rose...keep the shock where it is since you already have your linkage all nicely set up,lop about 3'' off of the seat tube and remove that ugly top tube to seat tube brace,weld the down tube lower onto the headtube and follow suit with the top tube.Square up and enlarge the chainstays and add a whole hell of alot more dropout.Then and only then I will deem your bike to just barely sit in the category of "downhill".Cause right now you have a freeride bike sans front derailer cable routing.

A lesson to both companies.How carbon should look and how downhill bikes should look.

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