Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Round and round.

Ah,long time no see.
Apparently the bike "industry" ran out of stupid ideas for a little bit.That is,untill this http://www.bikerumor.com/2012/01/23/absolute-black-claims-95g-raven-sl-is-lightest-centerlock-brake-rotor-in-the-world/#more-39158
Now,let me tell you a secret of mine.I fucking hate aftermarket rotors.I have never seen any up side to them.All i've ever seen them do is eat brake pads like they're Skittles,overheat,be noisy,and quickly turn your pretty new brake fluid into thick grey death.So let's dive into the finer point of this "world lightest Centerlock" rotor.First off,as you can see from the pictures,the brake track is bolted onto the carier.Yes,BOLTED,you know...for ultimate stiffness.They then claim the rotor expands when it heats up,which supposidly helps keep it from warping.It also changes how far your lever throws and the overall feel of your brake.Two vital points they forgot to mention,because I know a good selling point when I hear one and constantly varying brake feel due to rotor surface tempature is something everyone wants.They go on to give you all the dirty tech details like how many hours of CAD and FEA it took to make this thing and what outlandish form of steel they chose,and then they drop something i've never heard in my life.The weight limit on this rotor.Yes weight limit.On a brake rotor.Pretty much the only major part of the current mountain bike that's still made out of steel,and these fuckers have the balls to make one that has a weight limit.Oh,and here's the real kick in the jeans.You can have all this "litewait" goodness for roughly $250 PER rotor.

I've got two words for you,Absolute Black.Fuck and off.Ice Tech rotors work better then your pieces of white dog shit and cost somewhere around 1/3rd the price.

Now,enjoy this picture of K-Dub flat tracking a corner from this past weekend...

No comment needed.Just soak up the badass-ness.

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