Wednesday, January 4, 2012

World wide news.

Here's some shit that caught my eye from around the world wide web of cycling...
Oh,Scott bought Syncros?Cool.So a poor selling,boring bike company bought a poor selling,boring parts company?Wait,wait...Fairclough is on Scott and will obviously be on Syncros crap so it will be the best stuff in the world according to 15 year olds.Give it 8 months and all you will see at races is Voltages plastered with rebaged Taiwian catalog parts.
What.The.Fuck.I don't even understand what that monstrosity is.All I know is it's some sort of cable-to-hydro disc conversion for cross bikes.Where the fuck does it mount?How the shit does that thing make your brakes work?Why would I want that attached to any part of my bicycle?I hate cross and everything that has to do with cross.
One of my favorite DH riders and the fastest American woman signed onto a company that pulled themself out of the grave.Also,holy shit did you read that sponsor list?I'd be walking around constantly at full mast if my bikes were assembled with all that goodness.Minus the Crank Brothers wheels.They couldn't pay me enough to run those underspoked,overthought out pieces of horse shit.,437
Ummm.Ok,cool.You decided you didn't need Maxxis anymore.So you stole one of their tire designers,went to the same factory that produces Maxxis(cough,cough CST),reversed the side knobs of the benchmark DH tire,added some siping to the benchmark wet sloppy shit tire,and put your DH team on them.I still won't buy them.,409
Leaving TLD for Fox?Would I do that?No.Would I do that if the paycheck he got was as large as it probably was?Yes.Well,maybe Fox will make some gear with American flags,eagles,and monster trucks all over it now.One can only hope.
This has nothing to do with bicycles.Just some good instrumental metal that I enjoy.

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