Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The odd duck.

You know how sometimes you're driving through a place you've never been and you see something,and this something just doesn't seem to fit in?It doesn't really jive with the landscape and makes you go,"Oh,what in the fuck is THAT doing there?"Lately,i've caught myself saying this more often than not.Not in reference to cities or landscapes,but in reguards to some people's downhill bike set ups.


Let's take a frame,one that is considered to be a full on race machine,deck it out in all the latest and greatest,including E13 cranks and a Vivid air,but let's not add the icing on the cake just yet.We don't want a super buttery 888,a lightweight Boxxer,or the pinnacle of all DH forks,a 40 up front.No,no.We're gonna go with a Fox Van 180.Because you know what screams "RACE!" a fucking single crown.This ain't the Rampage,chief.Get your silly ass a dual crown.


Shiny white 951 with a shiny white 40.Oh shit,is that a Double Barrel with a Ti spring?And is tha...is that a Hammerschmidt.By golly it is.You know what one of the requirements of my DH bike is?Pedalablity,because I fucking love nothing more than slogging around 42 pounds of alumnium,while a combined total of 16'' of travel and 6 pounds worth of super slow rolling and sticky rubber suck up every bit of effort I put out.


Sweet ass gearbox frame,check.$2000 Dorado up front,check.Dual Wet Screams,check.KS suicide-shifter-style set up dropper post,che...the fuck?Gearbox bikes must pedal like a son of a bitch,because pedaling a 8'' travel bike,up any sort of incline,while in the same riding position as an Electra Townie is one hell of a feat,but this motherfucker must be able to do it.


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  3. i do not ride up with the Zerode G1, i only pedal flat from point to point on my home trails and the dropper post is knee gently !! for bikeparks ride, i use a ec90 with selle italy.

  4. only front is a wetscreen rear is a minionF