Wednesday, November 7, 2012


That right there is the first few actual production parts of the hype machine that is currently known as the DVO Emerald.What do we know about the Emerald?We know that it's inverted,made by SR Suntour,uses some fancy pants orifice damper,and has some sort of carbon stiffness arch thingy that they won't show us.Also,apparently,using pinch bolts on your crowns is out.The fuck?We also know that there's a high probablity that it will suck.Why? For one it's inverted.Fox tried an inverted fork and said it wasn't worth the time or energey,also look at who currently makes inverted forks.Manitou and White Brothers,not really leading edge suspension companies right there.Reason number two,they're a start up company.Sure,they have a background in suspension but fuckin-a' they're diving in head first to a pool filled with bad-ass shit made by a little company out of Watsonville.And the third reason,SR Suntour.Need I say anymore?

So if TEAM DUMPED! could kickstart the hype machine,just like DVO,and fire out a leading edge DH race worthy suspesnion fork,what would it look like?Here's how we would do it...

1.-We'd go traditional,not inverted.
2.-38mm stanchions.Some people say 40mm is too stiff,some people say 35mm is too flexy.Right down the middle we go.
3.-Coat said stanchions in whatever greenish/blue crap that the Pro Circuit boys use on Villipoto's fork.
4.-SKF seals.
5.-Cartridge damper,with a whole fuck load of bath oil.50cc's minimum in each leg.
6.-One 4mm pinch bolt per leg,Fox 36 style tool free little flippy lever axle.No more wallowed out axles.
7.-Carbon crowns.Stiff as fuck and light as fuck.

At this point TEAM DUMPED! is pretty much on the same level as DVO as a suspension company.All we need are some CAD drawings,stickers,and a fulyl wrapped race van and we'd be made in the shade.

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