Monday, November 12, 2012

Developed,part 2.

Well fuck me,it actually happened.
The fork I was just talking shit about a few days ago,in the flesh,all built up,and pretty much ready for production.So,without further adieu,follow me as I run down a list of the first things that popped into my brain when I saw this "game changer".

1.GREEN? Holy fuck,looks like you quickly sourced an anodizer DVO.They did mention they will have "other" colors,but not a good way to make a first impression.Should of left that shit raw.

2.So that's the stiffness torsion arch?You took the lowers from a Magura fork and bolted them onto the drop outs of yours?Should be hella stiff with those two 4mm bolts holding that thing on.

3.Tapered steer tube,is it needed on a big ass dual crown fork?I don't think so,but DVO does.It should really make those lower legs feel nice and flexy.

4.No pinch bolts,but a highly complicated collet tightening system for the crowns.Also requires a proprietary tool to tighten them down.Exactly what I want,more special one-off shit on my DH bike.Thank god it might not make it to production.

5.Powdercoated white crowns and dropouts,no.Just no.

Oh,and just so you know TEAM DUMPED! is making progress on our new fork.

We're trying to line up Stratos to make the internals for us.
Hoping to hit the market by like,2016.

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