Sunday, November 4, 2012

Damn them

So it's no secret we here at Team Dumped enjoy ourselves a good ol' fashion hardtail. You know, long, kinda low, 100mm fork, some comfy ass bars and go shred it out. I personally have never gotten down with the long travel hardtail thing, and i am still very skeptical of its purpose. Once you blow through all that travel your bike rides like a crap pile, for example when cornering ... need i say more? So Santa Cruz bringing the Chameleon back gives me mixed feelings.
This video is why these feelings are coming about, otherwise i would have probably just looked the other way. Damn you marketing people you are doing your job.

Steve Peat & Josh Bryceland Thrash The New Santa Cruz Chameleon from santa cruz bikes on Vimeo.
So it kinda makes me want to get one of these frames, put all my dirtjumper parts on it and jack my fork up ... I somehow know its a stupid idea though. Wait though a 1x10 would be fun ... no stop it.
So Santa Cruz this bike has tricked me, tricked me into thinking it could be more fun and useful than the bike i have now. I don't like tricks.

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