Wednesday, November 14, 2012

TEAM DUMPED! Presents...

How to take a picture of your bike for the internet.

Step 1-Clean the fucking shit out of your bike.Use atleast 2 full cans of Motul Shine-N-Go.Make it look like it's never seen dirt.People fucking love seeing clean ass bikes.

Step 2-Prop that shit up in a good spot.Preferably lean it up on your surround sound speakers,which are right next to your good sized flat screen,which sits above your PS3.

Step 3-Make sure there's a bike movie playing on the TV.Not a shitty old moive either,like Earthed 2,go for Follow Me,Where the Trail Ends,or whatever the Collective's latest offering is.

Step 4-Scatter some bike parts around in the picture so people can see the you hella like bikes and ride all the time and shit.


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