Sunday, March 11, 2012

Something Evil.

Unless you've been involved in this tiny little world of DH bikes about 8 years ago,or again about 3 years ago then you've probably never heard of Evil bikes.Evil bikes was an Eastcoast company started up by everyone's favorite suspension design guru,Dave Weagle.They originally started off making a chainguide because at the time of forming the company your chain retention choices were bleak at best.The forever shit Mr.Dirt Gizmo reigned supreme.They ventured off into making a couple of hardtail frames later down the road,aswell.There was the Sovereign which was billed as a do-it-all all mountain before all mountain exsisted frame.And one bike I would still wish to have in my stable to this current day.The D.O.C was a,at the time,lightweight skatepark and dirtjump based frame which was somewhat ahead of it's time.The centerpiece of this collection of frames was the,in my eyes atleast,crown jewl of the bunch.The Imperial.Twin top tubes that ran all the way back to the dropouts and a warranty that covered frame breakage if you ran a Harley Davidson fork on it.My 13 year old self wanted nothing more.Luckily for me,a close friend at the time picked a used one up right around the time they got scarce.So yes,I have thrown a leg over and ridden one of my dream bikes.Check another one off the list.

I mentioned the frames being somewhat scarce to come by up there,and that's because at a certain point Evil rebranded themselves as the company we know them as today.e13.They branched off into making more components and ditched the frame making.e13 produced beautiful,well thought out components at the time.Super light and ungodly durable chainrings.More chain guides,including dual-ring retention systems and the end all be all of guides the LG1.And a direct mount stem that still trumps 95% of the other direct mount stems available.e13 continued to grow and expand,as you can clearly see because,if you own a bike over 5'' of travel,you probably own a product from them.The Evil name was filed away somewhere,never thought to reappear,but that's where the story posted up top starts.The second comming of Evil bikes.

The original DH bike idea from Evil.The Empire.Circa roughly '02?

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