Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dreams do come true!
Remember awhile back I begged Shimano to make a mid-cage,Shadow+ SLX rear derailer?Well those fuckers must have listened.My hope is now a reality.

We dive into this lovely piece on Shimano's latest offerings with the shit I don't care about at all section.Scroll down about halfway and then we start seeing some good shit.I'm psyched to see they redesigned the cranks too,and also added another shot gun blast into the half dead body of the triple ring crankset by making an SLX double.Now all we need to do is get that other fucking chainring off and then we'd really be onto something.New shifter looks pretty good,reminds me of my beloved 8-speed XT shifter of years gone past.I'll probably be picking one of those up to replace my current first gen. SLX 10-speed dinner plate,oh I mean shifter.I-spec is for idiots because anyone who wants their shifter attatched to their brake lever should just go back to 1996 when that shit was cool,the brakes are the same as what's out now,front derailers should be shot and tossed into a shallow grave,and really...who the fuck cares about what you did to your front derailer to make it "better".It still makes a shitton of chain noise and can't keep a chain on if it's life depended on it.We end with a look at the new SLX hub and some new wheels,they're all 29'ers and unsealed so I lost intrest quick.

All I can say is if SLX is this dope,may God save our souls when the new Saint hits.Radiator fin padded,Ice Tech rotor having,four-piston dick rippers known as Saint brakes.Phew,hot damn.

Zach loves Shimano.You should,too.

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