Friday, March 23, 2012


It's spreading.
Bikes that use just about every possible piece of cycing I hate to be brought to life.This turd is made by some smug asshole from,I presume,the Northwest.It's got all the usual bits and bobs that drive so called "bike nerds" into a frenzy.First up its Ti.The snooty frame makers number one choice of tubing due to it's expensive cost and amzing capasity to ride like semi-cooked pasta.Then there's the fatbike wheels and tires.Now,I actually got to get handsy with a fatbike about 2 days ago.A sales rep from the largest cycling parts distro. in the US dropped a fully rigid aluminum Salsa off for us to pedal around and gawk at.Since I couldn't throw away all of my dignity and actually pedal the fucker around I did do the "pick it up to get a feel for it" test,let out a little giggle and smirk and polietly propped it back up against the box it was resting on.That was enough fatbike for my entire life.Anyway...bolted on up front is the ultimate suspesnion fork(trademark of Cannondale Bicycle Corp. and CSG Inc.),the Lefty(trademark of Cannondale Bicycle Corp. and CSG Inc.).I'm pretty sure you all know how I feel about Leftys(trademark of Cannondale Bicycle Corp and CSG Inc.).If not here's a few quick words that should sum it up,shit,horrible,awful,the worst.Now we come to the worst part.The fact that this shit pile is a soft tail.Yes.A soft tail.I fucking hate soft tails.Cool,it's got no pivots and you can get almost 2'' of travel from it.It doesn't have rebound or compression adjustment and what happens if you're extremely light weight,or on the heavier side of things?My point exactly.

Basically,I expect there to be some sort of "end of the mountain bike world" to happen soon.Which means i'll have to go run and hide in a bunker somewhere in the hillside of bumfuck nowhere with a stockpile of various WTB 26'' rims,multiple DH bikes,about 30 pairs of Point One pedals,and copius amounts of bars 760mm or wider.

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