Thursday, March 15, 2012


Oh man.It's that time of year again,World Cup season.Which means everyone's breaking out the whole lot of new shit.Couple of things that caught my eye...
The new Scott DH bike.Apparently it's not just a Brendawg special and the whole team is on them.At frist glance I thought it was some sort of futuristic chopper from hell with way too much linkage and awhole bunch of shit going on.On second look it's not that bad.Not anymore pivots than a VPP bike,a high main pivot which should eat the bumps up,clean lines and a low slung top tube.Not bad Scott,not bad.But i'm still kinda undecided.Word on the street is the team has only had roughly 2 weeks on the bike,though.So we'll see how they fair come Sunday.
Oh sweet mother.There she is.The stainless steel Saint rear derailer.Granted it's in what appers to be early prototype stages seeing as it looks like it just got popped out of the CNC machine.Also,if you do a slight bit of detective work you can find some up close shots of the new Saint brakes,or you can be eagle eyed and look real close at the picture of Brendan's Scott up there and notice the new style Shimano levers,the 4 piston calipers,and the finned brake pads.Word on the street is there's a slim chance this lovely new line of boner inducing goodies will make their big debut at Sea Otter.A man can hope.

Approved?Still deciding.

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  1. i need to watch brendog slay it to have it fully approved, but i kinda like its funky lookin stuff