Monday, March 19, 2012

Hometown hero.

So World Cup #1 is in the books.Greg Minnar won infront of all his adoring fans in his home country.America's hero was in second and good ol' Sick Mick in third.Now as you all probably know I would of loved to see Gwin stomp everyone here again,but that didn't happen.Mr.Minnar was slightly over half of a second faster,and I was bummed.Not only because Gwin was beaten,but because I hate watching Greg Minnar ride a bicycle.There's no style,no movement,no looseness.Just old man,pencil upright,laser percision riding.It looks like shit and I can't stand to watch it.Yeah,yeah...I know he's fast but come on,look at all the young guns.Blenki,Fairclough,McDonald.They're all fast as fuck and ooze bike handling and style.

Basically,Minnar,learn how to throw a decent whip,take those stupid clippy pedals off,dip your heals and fucking get after it.Maybe then I can stand watching your race run replays.

Oh,and for those of you who need a visual...
Minnar looks like this-

While Kovarik looks like this-

See? Told you.

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  1. NO, youre missing the point that Minnar is a god damn bulldozer.