Monday, November 28, 2011


Alright seriously, if i hear about how 29 inch wheels are going to replace 26 because they "roll better" and "smoother over rough terrain" im going to shoot something. That being said, i do understand their purpose. If you love cruising around folsom lake then 29ers are for you. If you actually enjoy having fun and playing around on the trail ... well then you already know that 29ers suck.

Im ranting because of this:
some stupid industry jerks rambling about why well all be proven wrong when 29ers take over the world. If that day comes, i will return to my skateboard.

I know they have their place and they arent all bad, but just stop trying to shove down my throat how these larger than necessary wheels are going to change the way i ride and make my life better ... they wont, they'll just make it way more boring.

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