Monday, November 28, 2011

A true friend.

Someone who's trustworthy,you can count on,and has your back when shit gets wild.
All of these things describe my friend the WTB Mutano tire.This rubber rim cover has been on and off the front of quite a few of my bikes for the past handful of years.I've never once met a trail condition that couldn't be handled by this knobby beauty.I've ridden everything from flowing rivers of shit and peanut butter mud,to bone dry sand and rocks.All with my little round buddy keeping me ever confident in the corners.I've tried many a tire,Minion,Weirwolf,Comp 32,Comp 16,High Roller,Ardent...nothing compared to my time tested friend.

I dunno what it is about said tire that makes it the perfect match for my riding style.Maybe it's the super square edged side knobs?The insanley fast rolling center tread?The DNA rubber?A combo of all that?Whatever it is,all I know is she flat out hauls ass.In her svelt 2.2 race case form,or the curvy and squishy 2.4 AM's to you good friend,and here's to many more years together...

Hey everyone,meet Mutano.

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