Sunday, April 8, 2012

Still kicking.

Sorry folks.
TEAM DUMPED! is still alive.We've just been experiencing some technical difficulties.By that I mean my internet connection shit the bed because I live in the sticks and have to have satalite internet because local yokles fear DSL or something.Long story short HughesNet+un-announced server upgrades=no TEAM DUMPED!It still isn't all the way back up to 100%,but fuck me is it far better than it was for the last 2 weeks.So,hopefully it stays like this or improves so we can continue to bring joy to your hearts.

In other news,Sea Otter is less than 2 weeks away,and in usual TEAM DUMPED! fashion stickers and shirts were promised and neither happened.I can assure you we will be in full force at pro slalom finals with air horns,a California flag,and Brian Lopes hate.Also,watch for us on the top of the Jr.X DH,Cat.1 DH,and Cat.1 slalom results.Look mid-pack in Cat.2 slalom and you'll probably find your lovely authors result,too.So look for the flag and listen for the boos and you'll find us.

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