Monday, April 9, 2012

There it is.A group of my favorite riders left a brand that was boring and made some pretty shitty bikes and took a huge step up to the wonderful world of Specialized.That or Scott said "Fuck you guys,we don't have enough money for you AND Fairclough."Either way i'm psyched to see them riding some good looking quality shit.Some will disagree with me on what I just said though.I've heard a pretty solid grip of people talk shit on the big red S.Granted,they like to make retailers of their products sell as much of their stuff as possible by sometimes strong arming other companies out of the way,but hey,that's busniess.What I don't get is when you hear hate towards the bikes they produce.I mean fuck,they pretty much produced the first relaxed geo.,smooth riding,yet still can hammer shit out,road bike under the Robuix name.Trek just now came out with a similar bike like a week ago.They mass produced the first mountain bike,which is a pretty big statement for a bike company.Sure,the higher end full suspension line of their bikes sucked for numerous years.Espically the side I care about.The first Demo was an ugly,heavy,over built fucker.Comming in stock at somewhere around 50 pounds.She acceled the first couple of years in exsistance,then when everybody who wanted a bike over 7'' of travel shifted from hucking cliffs and skidding down "big mountain" lines to wearing moto kits,no knee pads,and D2's and were all about riding under the clock the Demo floundered.She kinda fell off the map,getting a different paint scheme and maybe a new part here or there every year,but a big change happened when they signed the aging and slowing Sam Hill.Gone was all the weight,the once revelant geometry got a much needed update,and the ugly-ness factor was taken down quite a bit.There were still some nagging issues though.A 10x135 rear end,ISCG old tabs,and a 1 1/8'' headtube.Specialized knew these things and came out fucking swinging next year.Full revamp once again which produced a DH frame that was,and is,on my short list of frames I want.Also,come on,who doesn't want an fully built SX in their line up,hmm?And sure the P bike looks good but having it be designed by a bunch of "Locs" who only dirt jump resulted in too short of a top tube and chainstays.Make 2 P frames,Specialized.Keep the one you have now for said "Locs",then produce another one that gets about an inch longer top tube,half inch longer stays,and non-single speedable dropouts.Pllllleassseee?

Yeah,I know this sounds like a Specialized dick stroking session but it isn't.I don't even own a Specialized.I have 2 hardtails from the UK,and a full blooded American downhill race machine.Their tag line of "Innovate or Die" is pretty fucking stupid,and the lower end of their bikes is nothing special and the most of the bikes still come speced with goofy tire set ups,narrow bars,and a whole fuck load of Sram.But hey,look at Giant,the other member of the "Big 3" family,at least Specialized doesn't suck as hard as their fucking bikes.

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