Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sea Otter round up.

Yeah,yeah.I'm a bit late on this.
Here's the finer points of TEAM DUMPED!'s Sea Otter 2012.

-Got down there on Wednesday.Smart move.
-Slalom was fun.Real fun.
-Saw friends.
-Sunburn.And lots of it.
-Chicken on a stick with friend rice.
-Frozen lemonades.
-Ate shit in slalom quali's,missed out on the big show.
-Gianni's italian place.
-Pro slalom finals.
-Pro DH finals.

TEAM DUMPED! Results from the week.
-4th Cat.1 Slalom.
-7th Cat.1 DH.

-16th Cat.2 Slalom.(Pissed).
-15th Jr.X DH.

-18th place? qualifer Cat.2 Slalom.(too pissed to actually look).


Garry T.Watch for this shit head come Northstar season.

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