Saturday, February 11, 2012

Totally inverted.
So there it is.Out in the open.The fork that caused quite the stir among us DH bike nerd folk.Now,I don't know about you but I get un-reasonably psyched when I get to see all,or atleast,most of the details on stuff like this.Just the weird,one off,home made looking,super prototype shit.I mean look at that thing,it probably took some designer at Fox months to come up with the computer renderings,another month or so for them to machine all the major pieces and all the little bits and bobs,and then someone in the race shop had to assemble it and then cart it around with them to watch the upper classmen of our sport beat the living piss out of it.And for what?So Fox could drop some ungodly amount of money(that fucker cost atleast $10,000 in time and parts) just so they could go "huh...well,it sucks."and banish it to a shelf in some room at Fox HQ.Seems like a fair bit of an undertaking for a failure,but I guess that's what keeps cool shit comming out from companies that already have cool shit.A small part of me is saddened by the fact I will more then likely never get to push up and down on it in a parking lot.
And then we have this.Now,if you want,you can read the whole article for yourself.It's mainly about the new Roco replacement(thank God) and is also filled with pictures of very pretty and shiny 'Zoke stuff like those 888's for team CRC.I'm going to touch on the one subject that is mentioned in this write-up that actually made me giddy.The motherfucking Shiver is comming back.All of you youngsters are probably saying "Who gives a shit?It looks like a heavy shitty Dorado."And to that I say,you fuckers never had a chance to ride the original,but guess who upside down son-of-a bitch was,and in my opinion,is still one of the best feeling forks ever.Sure she is portly by today's standards(I think she was like 9 pounds?) and lacks the adjustments of the benchmark forks of now.You didn't need adjustments on the Shiver,though.You got the right spring weight,dialed in your rebound,and fucking plowed anything in front of you all the while wondering why a fork can feel this good under heavy attacking rock traffic.Mark my words,if this fork hits 2013 production and doesn't cost twice as much as a 40,she will be firmly bolted to the front of my bicycle.So thank you Marzocchi for bringing back a piece of my childhood.Now if GT could update the DHi (and don't tell me the Fury is that,because it isn't.) or Balfa could come back and re-introduce the BB7 and Mavic promises to keep the Dee Max's yellow,and if MRP could remake the System 2,orange rollers and all,I could possibly build an up to date dream bike from when I was 12.
A man can dream...

TEAM DUMPED! approved.

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