Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Blacx out.

Another hat gets thrown into the dropper post ring.
Now this piece of shit runs on magnents and air.How it works the article doesn't say because it's written by the fine folks at Bike Rumor and all they care about is the latest in knee warmer technology and who makes the best bamboo fenders for your commuter bike.So after reading their vague description of what's inside this post I assume a cable,which is attached to something magnetic,pulls off of something else that's magnetic and lets the slide-y part of the post go up and down.Technically speaking.This post also seems to fill every bike nerd who has no clue's need for high end brand name parts and tech talk.Igus and Quadrant bushings,SKF and SIMRIT seals,PTFE infused polymers,and Kluber silicone oil.Whew,this motherfucker has more buzz words than a carbon Cannondale Scalpel 29er.Bike Rumor also talks up their lever set up by saying it's "under the bar" lever makes too much sense and is awesome and simple that why didn't other companies think of it?Well,they did.It's called take your front shifter off,run a 1x10 set up like you should,order a right handed Gravity Dropper lever,and run it upside down in place of your front shifter.I've had that revolutionary lever set up for 2 years.I don't even have to take my grip and brake lever off to put it on!

I also have 2 other little squabbles with the makers of this finely crafted dog turd...
1.-The fact they make a DH version.Who is running a dropper post on their DH bike?I mean what the fuck,why wouldn't you just run a fists worth of Thomson like a sane person.
2.-Don't name the positions that you have on your seatpost.Attack and Downhill? Why not like,"a little bit down" and "all the way down."?Also,don't say your XC post is "specially reccomended for 29ers."Any fucking post is "specially reccomended for" any fucking bike.

Basically,Blacx.Stay the hell in Europe because we already have a little group of folks in Montana that make the most bad-ass dropper post money can buy.

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