Monday, February 6, 2012


It's funny how other peoples words can create thoughts in your own head.

I left work today,near minutes after jamming a chainring tooth into my knuckle,drove my sleepy one hour commute home only to open the door to a grey,plastic coated issue of UK mountain bike goodness.My issue Dirt was finally here.I was particularly excited to recieve said copy of Dirt due to the fact there was an interview with one of my favorite riders splattered in the pages this month.Adam Brayton.Ever since I saw his section in Earthed 5 I was pretty psyched on the guy.Going flat-fucking-out down some pretty raw shit got me pumped.Dirt ran a bike check with him last year too,another memorable item stuck in my head mainly caused by the fact that in the bike check his bike was covered in shit and had a flat rear tire.I just have a soft spot for seeing bikes that get ridden,rather then see a bike check with Greg Minnarr and his nicely prepped and polished V-10.

Anyway,the reason for the first line of this drooling essay of shit is because the more I read his interview the more I relized how fucking bad-ass this dude is.He's a total working class hero,spends his winters being an electrician Monday through Friday and uses his weekends to go out and shred his downhill bike.No time in the gym,no sunny Southren California trails.Just work and mucky,cold England.In the summer he then takes all of that money he earns and puts it towards a season of World Cup racing.All his travel,food and any other expenses come straight from his pocket.Just to chase the dream of getting a factory ride and making money riding your bike.Why this makes me think is because i've always wanted to do something along those lines,minus the factory ride and racing.Just save a shit ton of money and move out of this country to go ride my bike and have a never ending summer down in Kiwi land or somewhere similar.He also thrwos out some pretty good lines about his moto style and just smashing your bike around without a care in the world.And that tugged at my brain strings once again and made me want to go out and ride my downhill bike (whenever it shows up to the shop) to the fullest fucking extent I can.Now I know actions speak louder than words and anybody that knows me will probably call bullshit on my claim,but I truly want to.This comming season I want to eat shit,shred some corners,blow some rear wheels to bits,and have a constant smile and a carefree mind.

So thanks Mr.Brayton.
These next grip of months should be some of the best i've ever had.

Brayton doing what he does best.Hammering.

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