Friday, January 25, 2013

Tire choice,and what it says about you.

Tires are something I kinda nerd out on.
I've spent a considerable amount of time and money swaping rubber rings on and off of my various bicycles.What has this left me with?A few garbage bags filled with tires worthy of the landfill,tires that are kept for secret weapons carefully stored for one weekend a year,or a stockpile of a certain favorite in varying sizes and compounds.What else has this left me with?The ability to know,just by sight,if someones bike is gonna suck,and what they're all about.So with that I present you with this...

The mudspike-You've got money to burn.That Session 9.9 isn't gonna handle half as good without the help of some mudspikes,right?Sorry,hoss,but it's summertime,you're 38 years old,and just because half the field is running them at Val Di Sole doesn't mean they're gonna tear shit up at your local ski hill with 600 feet of vertical drop.

The Schwalbe-You know the guy who thinks he has a refined taste in everything but really infact just buys things sight unseen soley based on the fact that they're expensive?That guy runs Schwalbes.Also,the MTBR 29er preacher tire of choice.

The Minnion-You're terrified of change.You go to sleep every night telling yourself that it's ok that it's already showing sings of wear after only two outings.That means the compound is just sooooo sticky and awesome.$180 in tires every 3 weeks comes with the territory of owning a downhill bike,right?There can't possibly be anything out there that works as good but is half the price and lasts longer.

The Continental-You're a retro grouch.Plain and simple.Go back to 1996 where these tires made fucking sense.As a matter of fact,take your V-brakes,bar ends,and titanium flat bars back with you.Just because they make tires for cars and shit doesn't mean you're going to end up with a quality tire.Conti's are only allowed on road bikes.(Ed. note-I currently run,and have ran for the past 2 seasons on my downhill bike,Conti tires.They were free,last a whole season,and make Northstar seem like it's made out of velcro.So fuck you.)

The Intense tire-You ride a 2001 Norco VPS,atleast one of your bikes has a 24'' wheel,and you often ride in khaki cargo shorts and a moto jersey that's three sizes too big.The only reason you bought these is because Jenson USA was out of blowout priced Michelin tires.


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