Tuesday, October 2, 2012

More Proof ...

Warning: Contains shittily made youtube video (totally fucking worth it thought)

That flat pedals are here to dominate in the long haul.
Also a history lesson in why Sam Hill is still THE man as far as downhill bikes go.


This video then makes me start thinking about what the downhill courses from when i started getting jazzed on bikes were like. Fast as hell, no huge wooden things (for the most part), rugged wide open shit, courses that didn't take a year to make they just raked it and rode it then did that again and tada a bad to the bone downhill course.  I miss courses with line choice, i don't want to watch people all haul ass down a bike park run with 1 line. I want a course made to fucking race, where dudes with rugged ass lines and a wide open throttle win. I really like where riding is at right now and the courses look fun as hell, but i want to watch dudes get waaaay more rugged and i want rock gardens with 12 different lines.

That's all for now, I just got stoked out on this video so i think you probably should too.

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