Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Fixed gears.
Stripped down,all soul.Just you,the road,and a zen like feeling.
Or atleast that's what any fuckstick on a hodgepodged,bubblegum welded,Sears special from the mid 80's will tell you.They spread like wildfire through the world of "biking",as a fixed gear enthuiest would call it,and have become the bastard little brother to the road bike.

Now there's a new threat,a fixed gear style threat,to my little world of downhill bikes.
Enter the Klunker.
Take a shitty old heavy duty "workman" style bike.Add vintage Renthal moto handle bars,repack that old Bendix coaster hub with some fresh grease,and throw on a set of supertacky,$180,Maxxis DH tires and go shred your favotire old haunts in a whole new way.Not on my fucking watch,you won't.All I need while out slaving away with shovel in hand is two ex-29er proponents wildly skidding down my trails on coaster brake only clappers because it's the newest and fucking best thing to hit mountain bikes since the Rock Shox RS-1."Oh,but it makes the same old trails you ride all the time sooooo new and different."You know what else does that?Getting off your lazy ass and building a trail somewhere,instead of riding someones else's creation on 17 different bike set-ups.You want to know what else makes riding the same trail different?Trying to make it through that corner faster,figuring out a better way through those rocks,and taking that sketchy high line on that off camber part.You don't need a fully ridgid beach cruiser,you need better skills on the bike.

The worst part of all this,I lost all respect for a company that produce one of the best riding downhill bikes i've ever thrown a leg over.Thanks for throwing this shit trend into first gear Transition.I present to you,the $550,production run,Klunker.

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