Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tool time.

What you see there is a peek inside Sram's #1 wrench,Evan Warner,tool set up.
Seeing as I work on bikes as a full time gig and one day aspire to travel around the world,standing in a glorified open air tent while it's below freezing and pissing rain,clipping knobs off of spike tires and bleeding brakes whilst trying to talk myself out of killing myself as I align chainguides and pump tires to exact PSI's,i'm a bit of a nerd for tools.

So come with me as I nerd out on a couple of tools that I can't live without,from the depths of my personal tool box,not including the tool of all tools,the Park 3-way Y wrench...

1.Pedro's tire levers.Any time I encounter a flat tire,this is the first thing I reach for.The shape,the feel,the spoke hook and the way they snap together,lego style,all adds up to making THE perfect fucking tire lever.I go totally Busch League if I don't have one of these while chainging a flat,too.Shit takes me twice as long and makes me 80 times more pissed.I'm currently weighing out in my mind if spending close to $50 for a box of these things is worth it in the long run.

2.Pedro's vice whip.Taking off a cassette is the easiest and most time consuming job that I regularly have to do.Regular ass chain whips add to the time and frustration,so when I first laid eyes and hands on one of these bad larry's I was hooked.Clamp it on a cog somewhere towards the middle of the cassette,rip off the lock ring,and you're done.No fucking around with a slipping chain whip.

3.Bontrager torque key.Pre-set to not let your ham fist go over 5nm of torque.Slam a bar into a stem,carbon or alumnium,mindlessly tighten the bolts and this little beauty lets out a reassuring snap letting you know your bars aren't loose or crushed.My only gripe is the non interchangeable bit,I would gladly shell out some hard earned money for a 5mm one,Bontrager.Another plus to this thing is they're typically free,as long as people buy 6 series Madone's in your shop and you're the one who builds them.

I could go on and on for fucking days about the tools I get psyched on.I'm currently psyched on a $5 Park Tool presta/schrader valve core tool,but i'll spare you.Go out and buy some cool-ass tools and shit.You won't regret it.

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