Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sorry friends

We fucking suck.
I have hurt myself and been crying like a bitch for a month.
Taylor bought another rc crawler, which makes his rc car count a whole hell of a lot closer to his bike count.
Oh and i bought a wanna be race car to spend all my money on. ... Soooo basically what I'm saying is it was nice knowing you. Or at least until more Team Dumped guys stop being such pussies, and college bros.
We have been pedaling bikes up hills and shit lately. Getting closer to Enduro with every day. ... Yeah fucking right.
Oh and we probably just fucking gave up on our trails because the whole internet knows about them now.
So if you want to find us we will be working on TT bikes and trying not to blow our brains out while we do it. Oh and playing with RC cars and other bullshit.

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