Monday, March 4, 2013

Oh great ....

Thanks a lot specialized, you might have turned me gay.
Not like man loving, like big wheel lover. The bike we all knew was coming but all pretty much hoped it wouldn't happen because it would be a shit box. Turns out ... it's not a shit box? Supposedly Specialized have solved all the things that made the wagon wheeler the hated big ugly brother to our beloved 26 inch mountain bikes. Unfortunately i am tall, which makes bikes kind of a bitch for me because i have to ride big ugly things. This is exactly where all the xc nerds tell me id love a 29er, sure sure its big and im big, but who gives a shit if i cant slay fun stuff on it. These wagon wheelers (29ers) have taken the fun from mountain bikes with long chainstays, weird cockpits, funky head angles, the list goes on, whatever. Over the years people have gotten close to making these bikes fun. I even have a good time on one from time to time, but i'd still take a 26 every day. Now here's the problem this enduro 29 happens to be mere millimeters off in the geometry department from its 26 inch brother, yet with the plow abilities of the big wheels. Fuck, whats my excuse now? Is it still fun to jump? Reports say yes. Does it turn and slay some roost? Reports say yes. ... so now what?

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